NEW Mongolian Cashmere Scarf

From: £140.00

An authentic luxury, woven and finished by hand in the studio, our scarf is generously-sized and versatile.  Our design pays homage to antique 19C patchwork quilts made in Wales from woollen tweeds, with a multitude of different weaves, cleverly combined into a sophisticated pattern.  A superb textile to enjoy for its softness, quality and warmth.  Approx. 84 x 90cm.  Slight differences in size and irregularities are part of its unique hand-made character of this scarf.  Please note that this design is currently a pre-order item which is woven-to-order for you and will be shipped within 14 days of placing your order.

We love the Welsh farmers´ quilts of the 19th Century, made from differently-patterned scraps of tweed suiting.  Mainly shades of the same colour – browns and greys, they have a harmony and sense of history that we love.  How many stories could the patches of fabric tell us?  We want you to enjoy our woven patchwork scarf in the same way.  Its near-square shape means you can wear it in many different ways to tell your own visual stories and reflect your sense of style.   Fold it diagonally or lengthways, wear it as a cowl or hood and experiment to find at least 10 ways to wear it.

Supplied in stylish embossed gift box / suministrado en una caja de presentación
50% luxury Mongolian cashmere yarn, 50% Australian merino yarn / 50% cashmere mongol, 50% lana merina
Btitish design woven by expert hands on traditional looms at Anna Champeney Textile Studio, North Spain / Diseño británico, tejido por manos expertas en Anna Champeney Estudio Textil.
Hand-wash gently, do not wring. Towel-dry and lay flat. Cool iron / Lavar a mano, no escurrir. Secar envuelto en una toalla, después secar plano. Planchado para lana.