Baby blanket with dusky natural dyes and red accent

EcoPixel baby blanket No. 3 (natural dyes, handwoven)


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Each 100% lambswool Pixel" blanket is different, individually hand-woven on wooden looms here the studio and imbued with authentic hand-made character impossible to replicate industrially.   24 dye colours extracted here from 100% natural sources - including roots, flowers and barks., create blankets alive and radiant with colour.  What better way to keep baby snug this winter!   Find out more about how we design and make our limited edition blankets below. Two versions are available - 85 x 85cm (paler design) /85 x 130cm (as shown).  See below for more information and photos.

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Our EcoPixel baby blankets¬†mean baby is literally wrapped up in a soft work of art. ¬†Pixel design¬†is¬†inspired by our fascination with¬†Bauhaus textiles and colour theory and our enjoyment of photography. We use a special technique to weave the blankets in two¬†layers which mean the blankets are thicker than a standard single-layer textile, with a¬†soft¬†open weave. ¬†Hand-stitched edges leaves the borders softer than using machine stitching and fringe-free. ¬†We are confident in thinking that¬†you won¬īt find blankets like ours anywhere else or that have been made with as much love and care! ¬†Please note that¬†the slight irregularities in weave, colour and shape are due to the authentically-handwoven and finished nature of the textile

100% lambswool.
100% natural dyes including indigo and madder root and cochineal sourced directly from farmers on Lanzarote. Local plant dyes sourced in and around Anna Champeney Textile studio include oak bark, eucalpytus leaves, dyers¬ī chamomile flowers and weld flowers.

Washing Instructions: Cold wool/delicates wash cycle and very gentle spin cycle. Dry flat. Do not wring or tumble dry. A light iron when slightly damp gives best results but is not essential. If an incorrect wash or spin cycle is used the blanket may shrink or felt so if in doubt hand-wash using tepid water.