“Grid” II Cushion hand-dyed with natural dyes


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Wonderfully vibrant limited edition silk and wool cushion inspired by urban geometry and woven by hand with natural dyes. Handwoven fabric on both sides.

Silk and wool yarns are hand-dyed by us with natural dyes – from oak bark to chamomile flowers. Then the yarns are woven on traditional hand-looms in northern Spain which are powered by the weaver´s hands and feet, and hand-finished with manual hem-stitching.

Original Anna Champeney design inspired by London´s urban geometry – from pavements to security grills and metal grids.

50% silk 50% wool with hand-woven fabric on both sides. Natural dyes include environmentally-friendly chamomile flowers and oak bark. Feather pad.

Care Instructions: Handwash using neutral soap. Lightly press when gently damp on wool setting. To preserve the delicate colours of this special piece we recommend that you treat this textile with care avoid exposing the colours exposed to strong light for prolongued periods (as with a watercolour painting).