“H & O” scarf in 100% cashmere dyed by hand with natural dyes

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Sorry, this limited-edition handwoven design is now sold out.  To be kept up-to-date with our special limited editions do subscribe to our newsletter (at top right).  One of our most exclusive 100% pure cashmere scarves - made as a special edition to celebrate 10 years of Anna Champeney. With its stunning palette of unique, hand-extracted Galician plant dyes and natural indigo, this is woven as a limited-edition series by expert hands on wooden looms. The stunning palette of colours is unique to us and features dyes from local plants authentically dyed by hand here at at our studio in north Spain.  Model A (long) - 55cm x 210cm  Model B (medium) - 152cm x 155cm.  More information and images below.

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All our bold and vibrant scarves have hand-woven quality and character and colour palettes to cheer you up on the greyest of rainy days.

Each version is subtly different as it is individually made by expert hands on our wooden handlooms.

This limited edition series is inspired by urban geometry – the forms of grids, grills and pavements transformed and softened by pure 100% cashmere.


100% pure cashmere.

This design features a gently-glowing colour palette unique to Anna Champeney thanks to the hand-extraction of precious local plant dyes extracted by hand (includes ladies´ bedstraw roots, weld flowers, fermented lichens and dyer´s chamomile petals). The colours re delicately exquisite.

Care Instructions: Handwash using neutral soap. Lightly press when gently damp on wool setting. To preserve the delicate colours of this special piece we recommend that you treat this textile with care avoid exposing the colours exposed to strong light for prolongued periods (as with a watercolour painting).