“H & O” merino scarf / tippet 11 (handwoven)


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Wrap yourself up in one of our individually hand-made merino scarves, hand-woven and hand-dyed by us at the studio using madder roots, indigo and local dyeplants*. We extract natural dyes so that you can wear a scarf that is  not only beautiful and well-made but also kind to the environment.  Model A (medium) - 20,5cm x 130.5cm  / 20.5 x 114cm (short tippet-style scarf)  Model B. Scroll down for more information and images. *All  weft colours are from our own hand-extracted natural dyes except grey

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We like to transform ordinary things into sources of inspiration for our designs.  This design is part of a collection based on the forms of grids, grills and pavements.  All our bold and vibrant scarves have hand-woven quality and character and colour palettes to cheer you up on the greyest of rainy days.

Each version is subtly different as it is individually made by expert hands on our wooden handlooms.



100% pure merino wool

Care Instructions: Handwash using neutral soap. Lightly press when gently damp on wool setting. To preserve the delicate colours of this special piece we recommend that you treat this textile with care avoid exposing the colours exposed to strong light for prolongued periods (as with a watercolour painting).