How wear our new cashmere Patch scarf

It´s a fact;  square scarves are more fun than rectangular ones – they are so versatile.   Here are some of our favourite ways of wearing our new, luxurious merino and Mongolian cashmere Patch scarves but there are many more ways….  Join us at Made London 19-22 October (Stand 74) where we have a selection of the new scarves for sale – and can also assist you if you´d like to order your own bespoke version for christmas.

1.The twisted triangle

Fold nearly on the diagonal (being ever so slightly rectangular they don´t fold exactly – so leave a strip of fabric single width when you fold it) and place over your shoulders with the point at the back.

Twist the scarf over and over until there´s just a very small triangle at the back and the front drapes to show off the hand-finished fringe to good effect.  You can tuck the triangle in if you like.

2. The neckpiece

Fold close on the diagonal (leaving a strip of fabric which is single not double).

Wear with the corner at the front, tied with a small knot at the back.

3.The hood

This is one of the warmest and snuggest ways to wear the scarf.  Great on really cold days.  Fold nearly diagonally, place over head with ends hanging at the front.  Cross the ends over, pass them under the scarf to the back and tie with a small half-knot.

This is how to start the “French lieutenant´s woman” look

4.  Sideways tie

The same tie as the first but with the scarf moved round to one side.  Very elegant.

5.  Snug neckwrap

Simply push the “French Lieutenant´s woman” hood down off your head and you have a really snug neck-scarf.

6.  Criss-cross under-coat fold

As this look makes the fabric quite thick it´s best to wear this under a coat where you can tuck the ends without the scarf appearing bulky.

Fold the scarf into three, lengthwise or widthwise and put it roud your neck from the back, crossing it over the front as shown.

6.  Pin-It

We apologise for the poor quality of this image – but this a really beautiful way to wear the scarf that is our favourite way.  Start with the diagonal near-fold as explained before.   Place around your neck with a short end hanging down on your right side and arrange the scarf so the scarf fringe falls prettily as shown.  Use a hat-pin to fix the short end to the more bulky part of the scarf just below the neck;  it remains invisible.

Contact us about ordering this design.

We currently have a selection of Patch scarves available and are also taking orders for christmas 2017.  The cashmere version of the Patch design is woven in ecru and slate and is light and deliciously warm. The merino version is thicker and can be woven for you in a variety of colours – see the samples below to inspire you.

Anna will have a selection of Patch scarves available and is also taking christmas orders at Made London, the contemporary design and craft fair in London at OneMarylebone, 19-22 October 2017.