Rustic style “Made To Order”

rustic linen by anna champeney textile studio

We love the timeless aesthetic of our large hand-woven sacks.  We use ours for storing our crusty bread from the local bakers and for storing recycled paper.  We have based our design closely on the traditional hand-woven flour sacks which disappeared with the last traditional weavers from our area in c. 1940s.

rustic linen sack by anna champeney textile studioSize:  Approx. 65cm x 45cm

Other information:  Design includes two robust linen hanging loops. Machine wash on gentle handwash cycle with gentle spin.

Each sack has a unique colourway using the natural-dyed wools available at the studio at this time.  If you have special preferences please let us know.

Price: ¬†75‚ā¨

Please place your order with us by email or phone by 25 June 2015