Linen clutch bag with natural dyes Approx. 28cm x 19cm

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Anna Champeney´s new clutch is woven for you at our studio, using locally-sourced wool, unbleached linen.   Stylish and planet-friendly without losing hand-made character, it makes a superb gift.

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We hope you´ll be as delighted as we are with our stylish take on the popular pouch bag.  We brainstormed and sampled, we made our own bespoke yarns using locally-sourced sheep´s wool and unbleached linen.  We even dyed some of the yarns using natural plant dyes.  And now we hand-produce the design on our in-house looms.  This is a beautiful object to cherish, made by skilled hands for you, with love.

Read the full story of how we created our clutch here in our rural Spanish studio here.

Dry-clean only