Linen “saquito” bags (Book bags/Kitchen/Bathroom)

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A simple hand-woven linen pouch with hanging loop pays homage to the traditional folk weavers of Galicia, north Spain, who woven large versions of these linen and wool sacks for use by local farmers.  Still individually hand-produced on looms at Anna´s studio in Galicia, the "saquitos" are an ideal size for paperback novels, for use in the kitchen or bathroom.  Stripe designs can vary and each saquito is unique.  Scroll down for more images and information.  

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Traditional woven fabrics, made on handlooms for centuries, are the basis of all woven textiles made today, however sophisticated.  At Anna Champeney we value and cherish these old textile traditions as a source of inspiration.  Anna began producing rural linen sacks in the first years of the textile studio.  In 2019 she supplied a number of these charming mini-versions, as part of the Ribeira Sacra´s bid to be put forward as Spain´s no.1 choice for UNESCO world heritage status.  This is a limited-production item using natural dyes, hand-extracted at Anna Champeney and invidually woven.  Each “saquito” features a sturdy hanging loop.

75% linen, 25% local Spanish wool, hand-extracted natural dyes (indigo blue, cochineal red, logwood black, madder orange and salmon etc..).

Care instructions: Hand-wash cycle for wool wash and gentle press.